About Us
Europan Bakery Cafe was established in 1997. Our first location in Lincoln Center called for a comfortable cafe atmosphere that was accepting of all types of people, tourists, artists, and friendly neighborhood people alike.

​Our food is gourmet inspired and we pride ourselves in only using the freshest ingredients without additives or preservatives. Each store that we have opened since, has been held to the same quality and expectations that our very first customers expected before going to the ballet.

Something you didn't know about us is all of our pastries are original recipes from the founder of Europan. Being trained in the art of french pastry and working for over 40 years in the food industry, it is no wonder that our customers live for our sweet endings!
www.EuropanBakerycafeusa.com Tel:010-8214-3371. Contact JOHN LIM. regelato3371@gmail.com

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Europan Bakery Cafe Using only the freshest ingredients, we are committed to giving our customers a healthy and tasty meal. Whether it is a morning coffee or an evening dessert, we take time and care in each and every one of our  delicious creations. Stop by and try one of our tasty desserts that is always made with all my heart